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Caught in the Chokecherry Bush! This image is suitable for printing at 8x10" 16x20" and 24x30"Family Portrait, vertical orientation.Cuddling in the ForestA Black Bear Sow with Cinnamon Coloration has Emerged from her Den in RMNPGrizzly Sow "QuadMom" resting with CubsYellowstone Blackbear near Petrified TreeYellowstone Blackbear2 2010Yellowstone Black Bear 2012Yellowstone BlackbearYellowstone Griz "Snaggletooth"Yellowstone Griz "Snaggletooth" 22 yr old Grizzly Cub @ Swan Flats in YellowstoneGrizzly Sow "QuadMom" resting with CubsGrizzly Sow "QuadMom" resting with CubsBlack Bear Cub of the YearBlack Bear CubDistant Griz CoupleDistant Griz CoupleYoung Griz, Yellowstone May 201139-Yellowstone May 2011